Monday, January 23, 2012

To:The Florida Democratic Party Re: My Letter of Resignation

To:The Florida Democratic Party

Re: My Letter of Resignation

Dear Rod Smith and the Florida Democratic Party,

My name is Scott R. Goodlin & I am a Registered Democrat in Jefferson County Florida. I am writing to tell you that under your predecessor the Honorable Karen Thurman I worked my fingers to the bone & fought alongside many other Democrats that felt our way of life is the correct way to govern the Country. During your time, there have been many minuet things that have bugged me about the way you have ran your administration and I have let them go by. My families roots are very deep in the both the State & National Democratic Party with Senator Bob Graham even citing my Grandmother as a major reason he was elected to office the first time, sling-shotting him to his second office.

However I will get straight to the point of this post. I made a promise to myself last year as Chairwoman Thurman was stepping down that should Jon Ausman, after the lies and swindling he indulged in with  Jeff Greene & his campaign AS WELL AS the race baiting he was involved in with the Leon County Democratic party that I would renounce my standing within the Florida Democratic Party. This day, I am coming to terms with that statement and am prepared to stand by it. 

I am tired of people within YOUR Democratic party believing that attending a rally will change the world and leadership in your administration allowing them to think that. As a former student of Tallahassee Community College who was one of the only people to hold all 4 positions from Sergeant at Arms to President and then going on to become the youngest Vice Chair in the Jefferson County party history, my passion cannot be challenged as to who side I believe is right. My enthusiasm was beyond measure & I followed without exception to try to further our cause. I will no longer organize or attend rallys, Attempt to be a "Neighborhood Leader", or work for any campaign. 

As most people know, my heart and soul was with Hillary Clinton and her campaign and as asked when Secretary of State Clinton instructed that leading Barack Obama into office was what was the best for the party, I did it. I will no longer attempt to be an activist giving of my body & soul everything I have for the ultimate goal.  I ended up physically ill from it in 2008, asking no recognition or wanting no personal reward other than the right people leading this country.      

While I thank the chosen few with whom I would have never been involved, I wish more people within the party had their type of welcoming personality and not out for themselves. Kenneth Quinnell, Alison Morano, Dave Arronberg, Millie Smith, Karen Thurman & Rep. Scott & Ms. Susannah Randolph are the main people who are involved with my initiation and continued involvement and I forever thank them.

I will continue to write, and express what I believe is right from a political standpoint. I was lucky enough many moons ago to be eligible to write for the Florida Progressive Coalition and will continue to associate with friends I have made during my time. However as I stated The Florida Democratic Party's decision to protect the cowardice, the lying and the disgracefulness of the decisions that Jon Ausman has made is disgusting. You write that "you remain convinced that he engaged in conduct that was detrimental to the Leon County DEC" however you believe that in not so many words he has learned his lesson. I will not go into the logistics of how I personally feel about slapping somebody on the hands who deals within race baiting but know that I find it completely offensive & find no place within the Democratic Party moreover, the world. The fact that that you have made it seem that he is beyond reproach is unacceptable and I am sorry that it has come to this.

In closing I quote one of the greatest Americans, John F. Kennedy:

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

I live by what I believe the Democratic Party has the ability to be, the bullet proof shield that will always protect the American People. Unfortunately, I do not believe that is what you bring to the table.

Scott R "Storm" Goodlin

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Evening all,

It's been awhile eh? I have decided hat I am going to try to keep this up again. However I doubt its going to be a straight up political blog and more about the journey of my life. Things I like and things I dont. Politics may come up every now and again, plus I may show some awesome links like Jason Sauer's brainchild Baller's on Budget's where you can find great tips to live financially like it's 1995 in 2011. You should really check it out.

Well since I have talked to you last, I have gotten engaged, Kenneth Quinnell has moved in with me and things are looking up. Still though, I'm the same guy which is pretty cool. Defiantly thought changes were coming but nope

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Have Sex

Hey America, I got some News for you.......

Reaction to Wisconsin

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